Sunday, February 16, 2014

Instagram Teaching

Dear Resume,

I set up an Instagram account today (mrnauton) as an experiment. When I take pictures of activities at school for the yearbook or for my bulletin boards, the students always ask if I'm on Facebook/Instagram/Vine/a new one every week that I haven't heard of yet. Of course I have no desire to share with the entire school the treasured photos of my goofy boys, our fat cat, or the burgers I eat, but if our students are using it to share and communicate maybe I can sneak a little education and inspiration in?

Right now it will be photos of places we go (museums and the like) or cool things we find (full moons, cool plants, the Lego Movie!) but when I have a classroom it could be used to flip a lesson, share favorite books, and for students to demonstrate learning.

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